October 2017 Production – Drakul

Southside’s October 2017 production was Drakul by John Heimbuch, directed by Steve Tanner.

Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” is the quintessential vampire tale, and it created the most unforgettable horror icon in literature. Part charming aristocrat, part violent murderer, Count Dracula is a chilling combination of the supernatural and the human: a being of unimaginable evil lurking just beneath a skin-deep mask of civility.

 John Heimbuch’s stage adaptation Drakul stays faithful to the original novel but brings Mina into the centre of the action.

Under the electric lights of Victorian London, she is enamoured of a handsome young solicitor. But when Jonathan disappears on a business trip, her friend mysteriously falls ill, and Mina is approached by an alluring foreign prince, a shadow falls over their lives.

As the Count’s influence grows across London, Mina and a group of near-strangers, band together to rid the world of the Un-Dead terror.

“Heimbuch intriguingly explores the psychology of these characters and the peculiar motivations that drive their actions.” ~ Examiner.com.


Prince Vladislaus Tepes Drakulya – Rory Vieyra

Count Drakul – Derek Mills

Mina Murray – Wendy Cummings

Jonathan Harker – Paul Dagley

R.M. Renfield – Leigh Crocombe

Prof. Abraham Van Helsing – Paul Emery

Dr John Seward – Chris Paxton

Lucy Westenra – Bethy Hughes

Arthur Holmwood – Tom Morgan

Quincy Morris – Ed Fargher

Vampire Brides – Emma Burford, Rachel Henderson and Amy Wedgwood


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