Auditions: The Frontier Trilogy

We are holding auditions for our summer production: The Frontier Trilogy written by Jethro Compton, and directed by Steve Tanner. The trilogy takes the form of 3 one-act plays: Blood Red Moon, The Clock Strikes Noon and The Rattlesnake’s Kiss. The second play will be performed at Wansdworth Arts Fringe in mid-May and the first and third at our usual location of Chestnut Grove Academy at the end of May.

Date & Time: Sunday 9 February from 10am. If you would like to book an audition slot (or if you’d like to audition but can’t make that date), please email the director, Steve Tanner.



The Frontier Trilogy is a western set in the mid-19th century and spans over ten years. Blood Red Moon follows the Hill brothers as they journey west to California. Gold and fortune await, but so too does the blood moon – an omen warning death follows closely behind. Brotherhood has kept them together; jealousy threatens to tear them apart.

In The Clock Strikes Noon, Walker finds himself trapped with guns nearby and the clock ticking. He must make the choice: to do what’s easy or to do what’s right. The railroad shines like the beacon of the modern age; for the people of Cooper’s Ridge, it brings only darkness.

In The Rattlesnake’s Kiss: Hidden deep in the dust of the American West, the outlaw comes face to face with the lawman in search of justice. His life of murder is far behind, but can he ever escape the man he was born to become?

List of characters

There are up to 13 parts , mostly male with one female part in each play. Ages mentioned are just a guide and characters with an ‘S’ beside them are required to sing. It is not a musical but there are a couple of scenes where a character sings a song about, or to, their sweetheart.

Blood Red Moon
The Chapel of Emmanuel, North of Canyon Falls, America. Winter 1855 & The Valley of Ellah, West of St Emmanuel. Summer 1855

  • Enoch Hill – (25-35) The elder of the two brothers. He is strong, proud and stubborn, but he can be cruel.
  • Levi Hill – (20-30) The younger of the two brothers. He is kind-hearted, polite and less confident than his brother. (S)
  • Annelise Fischer – (20-30) A local girl. She is gentle, honest and kind. (S)
  • Father Manoah – (20-25) The priest at The Chapel of Emmanuel. Tough and young, he is calm, noble and respected.

The Clock Strikes Noon
The Chapel of Emmanuel, North of Canyon Falls, America. Winter 1864

  • Benjamin Walker – (30-40) A farmer, running for Sheriff. A natural leader who easily commands the respect of those around him, he is calm, confident and strong.
  • Sheriff Jackson – (30-40) A lawman and farm owner. Crippled with paranoia and insecurity, he is defensive and relentlessly hostile.
  • Lillian Davenport – (25-35) Daughter of Colonel Davenport who is Head of the American Pacific Railroad. She is calm, level-headed and aggressively well-spoken. She hides her true nature beneath a veneer of polite civility.
  • Father Manoah – (30-40) The priest at The Chapel of Emmanuel. He is powerful and has a gravity that demands men listen to his words.

The Rattlesnake’s Kiss
The Chapel of Emmanuel, North of Canyon Falls, America. Summer 1866 & Granja de Cerdos and La Meurte Negro, Northern Mexico, Summer 1851

  • Father Manoah – (30-40) The priest at The Chapel of Emmanuel. A noble and religious man, to be respected and feared.
  • US Marshall – (25-30) A lawman from Texas. A young gunslinger, theatrical in his demeanour, steady and confident. (S)
  • Theodore Leon – (40-50) Head of the Veneno Gang. He is violent and bloodthirsty, but constantly level-headed. He is theatrical, deceitful and takes great pleasure in other’s pain. (S)
  • Jack Mason – (20-25) Former right-hand man in the Veneno Gang. He is the epitome of the dangerous yet remorseful gunslinger. (S)
  • Elena – (20-25) Leon’s former concubine, Mason’s wife. She is brave, fearless and kind-hearted. (S)
  • Silas – (25-40) A Veneno Gang member. He is cruel, poorly educated and disturbing to watch.

Performance dates and locations will be as follows:

The Clock Strikes Noon
Dates: Wednesday 13 – Saturday 16 May 2020. (These performances will be part of Wandsworth Arts Fringe).
Location: Omnibus Theatre, Clapham

Blood Red Moon & The Rattlesnake’s Kiss
Dates: Wednesday 27 – Saturday 30 May 2020.
Location: Chestnut Grove Academy

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