Southside’s February 2018 show was Cinderella directed by Kate Parry

It was based on an original script by Gail Lowe which we first performed in 1992.  It was set in the groovy 1970’s, with songs, dances and costumes to match.  Familiar heroes and villains featured in this classic storyline of rags to riches, love at first sight and good conquering evil.

Photos courtesy of Annika Derksen.

Tom Browne
Julia Hutchings
Barbara Jennings
Rhys Harris and Stephanie McKinley
Rhys Harris
Anthony Cox
Bella Grubb
Jenni Hardwick
Jo Conyngham
Ian MacEwan
Stephanie McKinley
Tom Browne
Ian MacEwan and Judith Moeckell
Aidan Steer
From left to right – Sophie McAdam-Clark, Kerry Clarke and Helen Berry
Jenni Hardwick and Arne Sjöström
Tom Browne
Aidan Steer and Judith Moeckell
The cast