Auditioning for a Production

Most of our new members join after attending an audition for one of our three main stage plays each year.

If you contact us asking for an audition, the director will send you a date and time for it as well as some short pieces from the play to perform at the audition.

Auditions can be daunting (even for those who have been through them before) so here are some tips:

  • If you can, come and see another of our shows so you get an idea of what we do. Before the audition, it’ll help to research the play and the characters – the internet usually has helpful information. You can also contact the director if you have any questions.

  • Practise performing the audition pieces out loud. We don’t ask you to memorise the lines but you’ll need to be able to read them out confidently and fluently.

  • If you cannot make it to the audition or are running late, PLEASE LET US KNOW. We often audition people in pairs or small groups and it can disrupt the other auditionees if they are left waiting.

  • We suggest you get there at least 15 minutes before your audition time so you can practise with the other auditionees. We will also ask you to fill in a form with your details – you don’t need to bring a CV.

  • In the audition, directors have to keep to a schedule so time is precious. It helps if you are well-prepared so the director does not have to waste time explaining things.

The director will contact you a few days after the audition to tell you whether you have been cast. Don’t be too disappointed if you aren’t – often auditionees do well but face lots of competition or the play requires actors of a different age.

Instead, you can volunteer for a backstage role such as costumes, lighting or stage management (don’t worry, we are used to training people). If you want to do this, you can say yes to a question on the audition form. Volunteering backstage means you can still join the group and get involved in the play. Plus, you can get a part in one of our smaller shows which are only open to Southside members.