The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning

Southside’s June 2016 production was The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning by Tim Price, directed by Leigh Crocombe.

Winner of the inaugural James Tait Black Prize for Drama, the play is a true ensemble piece, that attempts to bring together the story of whistle-blower Private Bradley Manning from Welsh secondary school to the Iraq War on Terror.

In 2010, while serving in Iraq, 24 year old U.S. army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning leaked over 750,000 classified and sensitive military and embassy documents to WikiLeaks.

After spending 2 years in military confinement, much of it on Prevention of Injury watch, Manning was eventually tried and convicted to 35 years imprisonment for violation of the espionage act.

Only a few years previously, Manning was catching the bus to Secondary School in Haverfordwest, Wales and learning about local history.

The play charts Manning’s extraordinary journey from Welsh classroom to U.S. army recruitment and deployment to Iraq and imprisonment without charge at Quantico brig, Virginia.