Short and Sweet: On film

In the hope that restrictions will have eased by January, we are really excited to announce a brand new format for Short and Sweet. As always, it will comprise short plays, written by members. But this time, the performances will be pre-filmed, sitcom style with several cameras recording simultaneously (although without a studio audience, naturally!), then edited and screened on a given date. 

Interested? Here are the requirements for scripts:

  • 10 minute limit
  • Cast 2-5
  • 1 location, preferably indoors

We also need crew, directors and video editors. The rehearsals would take place in January/February, with filming towards the end of that period, to be screened in March. Actors must be comfortable with reduced social distancing, but crew and other participants should be able to remain apart. We are also looking at creating a “behind-the-scenes” documentary to show how the magic is created!

To express an interest, click here.