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Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

Our next production will be Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, directed by Tom Morgan. Performance dates will be Wednesday 29 May to Saturday 1 June (during half term) and the play will be held at Chestnut Grove Academy.


It is an oft-repeated cliche that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in the Sahara may precipitate a tsunami in South West London. Yet precious few have realised how many lives could be saved with a net and a good, thick book.

Some of the events you are about to witness may seem a trifle odd (but if you’ve got through life without that already happening to you, then who knows which universe you’ve been living in but it isn’t this one). Chalk it up to your own rough-and-ready understanding of the physical world. Everything is connected. Everything matters.

There has been a murder and only Dirk Gently suspects the butterfly. In time, you will understand many things. Even, eventually, the plot. Southside explore the fundamental interconnectedness of all things in this spectacular version of Douglas Adams’ other masterpiece.


  • Paul Dagley – Dirk Gently
  • Edmund Fargher – Richard MacDuff
  • Paul Emery – Prof ‘Reg’ Chronitis
  • Lynne Maltman – Susan Way
  • Tom Browne – Gordon Way
  • Scott Morrison – Michael Wenton-Weakes
  • Chris Paxton – Sgt Gilks
  • Jenni Hardwick – Watkin/Perkins
  • Lisa Bath – Al Ross

Dates: Wednesday 29 to Saturday 1 June

Start time: 7.45pm (3pm on Saturday)

Tickets: £12 or £9 for Wednesday and Saturday concessions


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